Healthy, Waterless Cookware,
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Welcome to Health Solutions Unlimited

We are an Authorized Distributor for Carico™ and Ultra Tech II™ products, the leader in revolutionary health and wellness products. I have been a part of this great team for a long time and I am happy to be able to share with you how you can improve your health. 

Our products are shown and sold directly to consumers at health/wellness shows or events as well as small town fairs and festivals, private showings, and in-home dinner programs.

Our in-home dinner programs are very popular! You may be hosting the dinner or an invited guest. The host/hostess invites friends to their home as a guest for a free and healthy meal. During the meal, you will experience healthy food with all your senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch). The meal Chef Dennis will prepare for you begins with fresh foods and the complete meal will be prepared and cooked right in front of you with no added water, fats/oils, salt or sugar (in most cases). You will be amazed when you see and taste how our distinctive cookware products promote nutrition, good health, and wellness by allowing you to cook fresh foods in a healthier way for yourself and your loved ones. Seeing is indeed believing!  

Let me introduce you to the revolutionary products that help improve your health via my website!