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Call today to schedule and host a free, private in-home dinner for yourself and 2, 3, or 4 couples of your choice. For hosting your dinner program, you will receive a gift of your choice:

 $1,000 in favorite supermarket coupons
$1,000 in favorite restaurant coupons
3 Days - 2 Nights Accommodations in 1 of 20 Cities Coupon

Our advertising promotion is a great tasting, low calorie, heart-healthy meal prepared fresh for you and your guests. This educational and fun meal will serve up to 10 adults and is provided at no cost to you or your guests. There are no gimmicks, catches, or strings attached. 

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A guide to your fun, healthy Nutrition Dinner Program



How to prepare great tasting low calorie, heart healthy meals for your family in half the usual time.

Health Solutions Unlimited WILL:

* Prepare a complete, healthy and nutritious meal for you, your family and friends.
* Furnish the food and cook dinner
* Arrive approximately 1 hour ahead of meal to set up
* Clean up afterward

As A Health Solutions Unlimited Host/Hostess:
You and your guests can look forward to one of the most informative, interesting and truly fun evenings of the year while experiencing the most nutritional system of food preparation and cooking available to you today! You and your guests will be delighted and amazed at the taste of the food and the ease of healthy cooking. Your in-home dinner lasts about two (2) hours from start finish, including clean up time. You and your guests simply enjoy the meal and fill out a short questionnaire related to the food and preparation.  As a host/hostess of an in-home dinner, you will also receive a free gift.

Food and other Accessories:
We furnish the food but do ask you for a few extras, a salad dressing of your choice, extra drinks of your choice (ie.) coffee, tea, water, punch, soda. Paper or plastic products, plates, salad bowls, cups or glasses, silverware, napkins and a storage container for leftovers. Please reserve any alcoholic beverages until after the dinner. That’s it! We do the rest!

Who can I invite and how many couples or single heads of home?
Invite your friends, relatives, and neighbors, anyone interested in good nutrition and better health and those who want to save time, money and learn how to protect their health and the health of their families! We bring enough food for up to 10 adults. 

How should I invite my guest?
Choose and set a date that’s convenient for you. Then call and ask your friends what they’re doing on that date. If the answer is nothing, say great! We’re having some friends over for a 6 to 9-course dinner and cooking show. Can you come? Will you be one of my guests? They’re going to prepare a delicious healthy salad, cook vegetables without water, fry meats without fats, oils or sprays, and bake a cake without using the oven! Just promise to bring an appetite and a smile! No pressure or obligation whatsoever! Will you come? That’s great! I get credit just for both of you being here. We’ll have lots of fun!

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why would you give away a meal?  What is the catch?
A:  For promotional purposes, so the next time you think about cooking products, classes or healthy cooking, you will think about Health Solutions Unlimited.

Q: Do I have to buy anything?
A: Absolutely not.

Q: May I invite another couple to my dinner?
A: Yes but no more than 4 guest couples. Food will be prepared to serve 10 adults.

Q: What is on the menu?
A: Boneless chicken breast prepared with no oil/fats/sprays, fresh vegetable medley, no heartburn chili, fresh garden salad and our famous pineapple upside down cake, and refreshing fruit punch. This is a delicious meal that is high in nutrition and fiber and low in fat.