Healthy, Waterless Cookware,
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   Waterless Cookware That Goes Beyond Cooking!    

Healthier, More Nutritious Meals and Savings in Time, Space, Energy & Money


As an Authorized Distributor of Carico™ and Ultra Tech II™, we know the benefits of waterless cookware which were first introduced over 50 years ago. Over time there have been many improvements which permit us to offer this induction ready and state-of-the-art cookware today. 

Cooking today is easier, healthier and more energy efficient with this unique, patented temperature gauge cookware.  It even whistles at you when it needs you as well as showing the temperature inside the pan.


It is so easy to use, simply place the vegetables in the pan, rinse and drain, put the lid on the pan, turn the valve on the temperature gauge to the open position, put the pan on a burner set on medium, when the whistle blows, close the valve and reduce the heat to low. 


Our waterless cookware is not sold in stores, on TV,  in magazines or newspapers. It is not available commercially anywhere.

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Benefits of Carico™ Waterless Cookware

  • Cook vegetables without added water
  • Cook meats without added fats/oils 
  • Cook 1/3 to 1/2 times faster than with regular pots and pans
  • Minimize the need to add salt, sugar, or butter for flavor
  • Food cooks below 200° retaining the maximum vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and better-tasting food! 
  • Spend less time in the kitchen - no need to stand over the stove stirring food and trying to prevent boil-overs and less time cleaning the stovetop (no more burnt-on boil-overs to soak, scrape, and scrub and no grease splatter!


Combination Cooking

The Ultra Tech™ Cooking System is specifically designed to provide even heat distribution and a vacuum seal that is necessary for combination cooking.


Combination cooking is a wonderful convenience and an efficient way to prepare an entire meal on a single burner simply by placing one pan on top of another. You will really appreciate this great feature when burner space is limited or during the holidays when you are hosting a large family meal. 


Self-Storing Lids


 The efficient way to store your cookware lids and save valuable cabinet space!


Built-In Lid Holder

Enjoy the convenience of the built-in  LidHolder and gain more usable counter space while cooking!


Don't miss this exciting cooking overview of the Carico™ Health Cooking System below.

More Information

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Carico™ has worked with the following: American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and The National Wellness Foundation 


Health Solutions Unlimited has provided health cooking seminars to Businesses and Organizations, Medical Facilities, YMCA, Schools, Community and Church Groups